About Us: Our Vision

We are dedicated to respecting natural resources and honoring the earth we inhabit. Traditionally pressed extra virgin olive oil and organically grown wine express this commitment. We seek to support all those engaged in this endeavor.

Our service, technology, and know-how empower olive oil producers to realize the highest possible quality. To compete with mass-produced imported oil on the local markets, artisan olive oil producers need the edge of freshness and superior taste. We provide fast and easy access to an efficient mill with a modern infrastructure and production expertise.

California is blessed with land and climate allowing artisans to produce some of the finest wine and olive oil in the world. Yet, due to obsolete industry regulations and their abuse by overseas mass producers, competition for local producers has intensified enormously, leaving only high-end specialty markets available to them. It seems absurd that consumers in the Bay Area, less than two hour’s drive away from wonderful places like Napa, Sonoma and Mendocino to the North and Santa Cruz and Monterey to the South, would prefer to buy oil and wine from the other side of the planet. Beyond the issues of energy and waste posed by cargo transportation, we see what frustration local growers experience. By supporting our artisans, Olivino adds a much needed resource to the extremely short list of professional mills in Northern California.