Services: Custom Olive Oil Packaging

Olivino offers a full range of packaging solutions for all types of use from your own personal kitchen, tasting room sales, restaurant use, or major retail outlets. Our goal is to ensure the best possible protection and branding for your oil. 

You can select models from our assortment of bottles, or you may supply your own; Upon request, we can fulfill any number of hand assembly needs, including custom enclosures and more.

Some considerations:

  • dark bottles protect your oil from light
  • screwcaps provide a tamper proof enclosure
  • bartops should be used with foil, plastic or wax enclosures for additional tamper proof. Click here to see a photo
  • shipping costs can vary greatly with different bottle weights


We generally recommend pressure-sensitive labels.

Some considerations:

  • Film (rather than paper) absorbs oil stains much better
  • The advantages and disadvantages of wings vs. front and back labels
  • Harvest, bottling, and/or expiration dates educate consumers about freshness
  • State law requires labels to have the producer's city, state and zip code
  • State law requires weight in ounces and milliliters


Standard white cases fit 12 bottles. Custom-designed case printing is available.